B2B Transactions

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B2B Transactions.

This support tip has to do with merchants who accept credit cards from other businesses, government agencies, and suppliers. The Card Brands (Visa/MC, support-tipetc.) have reduced pricing for these types of B2B transactions as long as Level II data is sent along with the authorization request. These business-to-business (B2B) sales require the typical Level I data (merchant name, amount, and date), as well as the Level II data (zip code, tax amount, and customer code/PO number) for reduced pricing. (Read more here). In retail environments, the terminals can detect a business-issued card and will prompt the user to enter the additional fields. In a card-not-present environment, the payment gateway or software offers these fields as well.

The savings for including Level II data can be around 0.50% for these B2B sales, which often include very high average tickets, so it is well worth the effort to accommodate.