What Our Merchants & Partners Have To Say

What people are saying about Dharma Merchant Services

“Dharma has, hands down, the absolute best advertising and sales transparency I’ve seen anywhere in the industry. They only use interchange-plus pricing, and they have no early termination fees, no annual fees, no monthly minimums, no application fees, and no added PCI compliance fees. I’m not sure how they manage to make any money, especially considering that they dedicate profits to charity. No one is getting filthy rich here. The people at Dharma make an honest living, and live with respect and integrity. And did I mention that they’re a certified green business and B-corp? I mean, come on. These people simply rock!” – Amad Ebrahimi, Merchant Maverick
“Anytime we have had any issues with processing, Dharma has always been quick to respond with helpful insight to fix the current issue. Your courteous and helpful staff makes working with Dharma a breeze. I look forward to working together now and into the future.” – Derrick Walls, Ergo Desktop
“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Dharma.  Everything has been running smoothly and I can even understand your statements.  They are very easy to see what I am being charged (much unlike our previous statements).  Thank you for making this switch so easy.  It is refreshing to work with a company such as yours.” – Pat January, Sign Time
“I want to thank you for providing me with good savings and service as well. Being in business for almost 30 years now, and using many different providers over the years, I finally found the merchant service company I’m truly happy with. I not only love the savings I’m having with switching to Dharma but l love the service your company gives back for those in need. I researched plenty before finding Dharma and when I saw the principles on which your company believes in I immediately looked into it and soon after switched over. Keep up the good work and thanks again.” – Richard Collison, Palms Up Pottery
“I am amazed by how much money I’m saving every month using Dharma Merchant Services compared to my old credit card processor. I just wish I’d known about you guys years ago. Changing over took a little time and paperwork, but your customer service people were a huge help and they made it as painless as it possibly could be. Plus they’ve been a big help with the few small questions I’ve had since then. Congratulations on a well-run company that truly knows the meaning of the words “customer service!” It is a pleasure doing business with Dharma Merchant Services.” – Alex Prentiss, McClain’s Printmaking Supplies
“I swear I don’t work for Dharma. This company is just so strangely fabulous. The most shocking thing is when you call. I’ve had to call them about a half dozen times since starting with them about a year ago. You call and someone answers. Just like that. No phone tree, no transfer. The person who answers helps you. You can’t make this stuff up (actually you can but I’m not). I pay on average 2.2% on an average of 12k in sales per month. Perhaps I could save a tenth of percent somewhere else but honestly why would you. After being screwed every which way by merchant services over the years I can’t see that I’ll ever have a reason to go anyplace else.” – Donn Campbell, Lifestyles Physical Therapy
“Just a note to tell you how happy we are to have Dharma Merchant Services as our vendor. We get bombarded daily by other merchant service companies and they are flummoxed when we tell them we have no intention of switching our business to them because not only does Dharma provide the best rates, but your company demonstrates the values and beliefs we have. Again, many thanks.” – Pam Hazlett, San Francisco Camerawork
“I have been using Dharma Merchant Services for credit card processing for my acupuncture practice for almost 3 years now. They are an outstanding company. When I was researching potential credit card processors, my experience with DMS was the complete opposite of my experience with the other 3 or 4 companies I looked at closely. They were up front with all of the information I needed to make an informed decision, and they explained things in a way that made sense. I have been extremely satisfied with their service. In addition to everything being exactly as promised when I signed up, they are very helpful whenever I have a question or need help with something, which is not often because everything works so smoothly and logically. I highly recommend Dharma, and I am very grateful that I found them. As others have said, if I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!” – Marjorie Shovlin, Acupuncture on Capitol Hill
“As a national non-profit, it was important for us to not only partner with a MSP that could meet our needs, but one who also shared our commitment to giving back to the communities it serves. After looking at a number of competing providers, we selected Dharma Merchant Services and strongly recommend you do the same. Since our first conversation in 2012, they have been extremely professional and helpful. They have always worked to resolve any issues that arise, even when those issues were assisting with ‘what if’ or ‘is there a way to’ questions originating from us. When necessary, they speak technical terms, otherwise, they do not try to impress you by talking over you. Our experience has been nothing short of exemplary.” – Bryan Wyatt, Institute for Financial Literacy
“We really appreciate the support of Dharma Merchant Services. The money we save on fees and the lift we experience by working with a merchant processing company that is aligned with our core business values supports our mission of helping families reduce their dependence on plastics by providing high-quality, plastic-free lunchware alternatives! Please pass along our appreciation to the entire team!” – Sandra Harris, ECOLunchbox  
Fantastic, wonderful, great, exceptional, awesome — are just a few adjectives that come to mind about Dharma. I simply cannot say enough about how it has been to work with them. Its fees were the best I’d found of all the MSPs I looked into, and lower fees did not mean less in the way of services and benefits. I encourage you to go to the Team section of their website and read more about the individuals running Dharma. You’ll be impressed. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give them a 100!” – Tom McGuire, DDS, The Dental Wellness Institute, LLC
“The Dharma Merchant Services website actively promotes Interchange-plus pricing and does not appear to engage in deceptive advertising strategies. We cannot find any negative Dharma Merchant Services reviews at this time; we therefore award the company an “A+” rating. Dharma rates as an exemplary merchant services provider. The company appears to offer transparent pricing and excellent customer service, and its eco-friendly and non-profit initiatives are sure to be appealing for many merchants.” – Phillip Parker, Card Payment Options
“Once again, your response to our questions exceed all expectations. Thank you for the detailed explanation of your reasons for your thorough application process. Thank you for passing savings to us for a little bit of extra work on our part… Perfect! Thank you. You always do such a terrific job explaining everything so it is very easy to understand.” – Zhanna Buell, Freshness Farms CSA  
“I have to say that Dharma has been beyond excellent! They have repeatedly gone above and beyond for us, and their rates are also very reasonable. No deception, or unscrupulous sales tactics. Their monthly newsletter, rather than being an annoying text filled with legal details and such, is actually useful, uplifting info that is pleasant to read.  Also, Select Bank, who sends the monthly statements, has recently switched to an extremely pleasant and easy-to-read, even colorful statement format, that makes it extremely easy to see how the charges are divided. Best in the industry from my experience, and I’ve dealt with two other companies at length, as well as thoroughly researched a half dozen others. I would go to great lengths to continue my relationship with them. This has my experience thus far, and I’ve been working with them for several years.” – Jeff Pokorny, Innovative Supply Company LLC
I must say that working with Dharma has been a real pleasure. You have supported us like a partner 100%. Your company has been extremely attentive to our needs and timelines. On behalf of PRMC, thank you to your team!” – Mark Keller, Prather Ranch Meat Company
“Unlike other merchant service providers, the team at Dharma is easy to get in touch with! I love knowing that they have my back and will work hard to make sure I have a great experience with them. We chose Dharma Merchant Services because of their commitment to sustainability and social justice, but will stay with them for their excellent customer service!” – Tracy Puhl, GladRags
“Truthfully, we’ve been tremendously impressed with the Dharma people. Their positive attitude is infectious. Indeed our initial interest in the B corp certification was inspired by Dharma staff. We would rank them at the top of our client list for their positive and constructive working relationship with us. Fido Systems is in the best of company as a B Corp with the likes of Dharma Merchant Services.”  – Dan Bodner , FIDO Systems
Working with Dharma Merchant Services was an extremely easy, straight forward, and professional experience. They embody the model of true customer service which can be very hard to come by these days. We did not get a machine when we called, we were not treated like a number, we were real people, with a real business need and a caring sales and support staff willing to assist. We were in business within hours of signing on board with Dharma.” – Howard Oviedo, Beyond Limits Riding  
“Well, our mom and pop lodging business moved over to Dharma in early 2014 from a past Merchant Maverick #1 that is no longer in that position, and I must say we are thoroughly delighted with Dharma. Dharma is a value player. They are fair, straightforward and are pleasant in communications and that’s what all businesses need, and should strive to be in their relationships with customers/clients. Don’t be fooled by cheap, as cheap gets what cheap gives and Dharma rises above such shell games and trickery. Bottom line: we saved money by switching to Dharma and after 15 years in business have finally found comfort with our move and new Dharma relationship.” – Ernest Stahl, Sleepy Hollow Motel
Right from the start, Dharma Merchant Services impressed us with the superb level of customer support it offered us in the setting up of our account. They’ve exceeded our expectations in terms of savings and service.” – John McDermott, Tech Soup Global
“Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will be recommending you to anyone I can convert!” – Bepi Pinner, Owner, Ninth Street Dance
“Dharma merchant services have left me nothing to be desired in savings and customer service. Since switching over to them from my previous provider, I have saved thousands of dollars ($6000+) in less than a year! I only needed assistance with the switch over procedure so don’t have a ton of interaction with the staff. What I did have was very personal and professional as well as patient and knowledgeable. I do wish that the funding time was one day instead of two but it’s well worth the savings and gaining the feeling that I’m not being taken for a ride by processing company. I’m also impressed with their commitment to treating their employees well and the environment. I was reluctant to switch companies for years because of all the headaches involved ( which they made seamless) and was surprised how easy the process actually was. All in all my only regret is giving my hard earned money to a greedy company for so long. Wish I had switched sooner. I’m dedicated to helping my friends in business take a look at Dharma for their processing because running a small business is risky enough without having your processor take away your profits. Keep up the good work!” – Patrick Sullivan, Government Street Grocery
I do value greatly that I can call Dharma when a problem arises. Especially since so many of the ‘merchant services providers’ are hidden from view.” – Jill Pollack, Director, StoryStudio Chicago
“I’ve been recommending Dharma Merchant Services to our clients for about 8 years. I’ve worked with several other providers over time and before meeting Jeff, I’d generally be disappointed with how long it would take to get an account setup. Since working with Jeff and Dharma, every one of our clients that we’ve sent them has had a great experience. They’re very quick with getting a new account up and they’re great to work with. And, their rates are really good too. I had an account through another provider and no one had been able to beat the rates I was paying, until Jeff looked at my account. So I switched too and since then, I continue to be very happy with the services I’ve been receiving. I can’t recommend them more highly.” – Steve Lillo, Planet Link
“The devices were super easy and great to have at the event, thank you!” – Sophie Jaggi, Tipping Point  
“It’s a real pleasure to work with Dharma MS… a morale boost to feel confident about our merchant provider. The clarity of our business relationship and your willingness to answer questions is greatly appreciated.” – Dharam S. Khalsa, San Francisco Foliage  
“Working with you to resolve this matter has been a very positive affirmation of my decision to choose Dharma as my merchant service company.” – Kenneth E. Luke MS, ATC, LAc., Coast Acupuncture   
“Is Dharma Merchant Services Transparent? Yes, yes and yes. Out of all the merchant account providers I’ve reviewed, Dharma is the only one that seems like they share every bit of information with you. Dharma Merchant Services is one of the most ethical, open-minded companies you can work with. Oh and the rates are great too! ” – Catalin Zorzini, eCommerce Platforms