How is Dharma “Green”?

You’d be surprised, but there is a lot that a company can do to reduce its environmental impact. Here at Dharma, we’re always looking for ways to make our footprint smaller, and to be as efficient as possible. Between smart energy usage, encouraged use of public transportation, going paperless, and many other initiatives, Dharma is pleased to have a very low impact.

Even though Dharma doesn’t manufacture a product, we can still make a huge difference in our environmental impact by operating with conscious choices, individually, and as a company.

Whenever possible, we choose local, sustainable, socially responsible, women- or minority-owned vendors and suppliers. We are also mission-aligned with most of our business partners. From the bank we chose to work with to our shipping policies, we walk the talk as much as we can.

Please view our Sustainability Page or View Our Green Sheet to learn more!