“Dharma merchant services have left me nothing to be desired in savings and customer service. Since switching over to them from my previous provider, I have saved thousands of dollars ($6000+) in less than a year! I only needed assistance with the switch over procedure so don’t have a ton of interaction with the staff. What I did have was very personal and professional as well as patient and knowledgeable. I do wish that the funding time was one day instead of two but it’s well worth the savings and gaining the feeling that I’m not being taken for a ride by processing company. I’m also impressed with their commitment to treating their employees well and the environment. I was reluctant to switch companies for years because of all the headaches involved ( which they made seamless) and was surprised how easy the process actually was. All in all my only regret is giving my hard earned money to a greedy company for so long. Wish I had switched sooner. I’m dedicated to helping my friends in business take a look at Dharma for their processing because running a small business is risky enough without having your processor take away your profits. Keep up the good work!” – Patrick Sullivan, Government Street Grocery