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Stand-alone Terminal

Clover Flex


basic $229 (Engage V200)
advanced $289 (FD-150)

Monthly Fees

None NONE – $30/month

Printer Paper

85 foot paper rolls 50 foot paper rolls

Customer Interaction

Basic. Customer enters PIN on the terminal’s built-in keypad, signature on printed receipts. Customer interacts on main touch-device for PIN, signatures, Tips, and Receipt choices

WiFi Connection

No (Engage V200c)
Yes (FD-150)
WiFi included, 4G/LTE available

Handheld / Wireless

No Yes

Apple Pay

Yes Yes

Inventory Management

No Yes
Real-time inventory tracking available through the register plan

Discounts and Taxes

No Yes

Email/Text Receipts

No Yes

Itemized Receipts

No Yes


Color (Engage V200c)
Color Touchscreen (FD-150)
5″ HD touchscreen


On Receipt Digital

Smartphone Integration

No Yes
Real-time sales reports

Charging Dock

N/A Yes

Custom Reporting

No Yes

Cutoff Time

9:00 PM Eastern 7:00 PM Eastern
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