Clover Go

Clover Go lets you accept EMV sales through your Apple or Android device.

Additional $10/month, hardware starts at $119


EMV payments on your smartphone

Clover Go makes taking mobile payments easy! It’s your portable point of sale. Quickly take EMV payments right through your mobile device, with tons of great features. Easily add Clover Go to your Dharma account for only $10/month, and purchase as many card readers as you need. Clover Go is a First Data product, meaning it connects directly to the First Data networks. Learn more about Clover Go here. Clover mobile credit card readers were created to make accepting mobile payments quick and easy.

  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Easy-to-use app allows for fast transaction flow
  • Access your account online for easy changes or setup
  • Add inventory items with real-time inventory levels
  • Track employees and create multiple user accounts
  • Accept tips and offer differing gratuity options
  • Powerful customization of receipts, transaction flows, and reporting
  • Easy refunds/voids and transaction history records
  • Connect multiple merchant accounts to manage many locations

Clover Go Contactless

Clover Go Contactless takes it to the next level, using a bluetooth connection for truly wireless processing. Clover Go Contactless also allows for Apple Pay and all other contactless payments, too!

  • Connect with an optional cradle (additional $29) to keep the device always-charged, or customer-facing
  • Device connects via bluetooth for a fully wireless experience
  • Sturdy device is battery powered, and can accept over 160 transactions per charge
  • USB charger allows you to quickly recharge device, or use the optional cradle ($29)
  • Accept both EMV (chip) cards as well as magnetic swipes
  • Accept all contactless (NFC) payments, like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • Clover Go units are not offered with a warranty by First Data, unfortunately
  • $119/device

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