Press Coverage & Awards

PAYMENTS SOURCE: Acquirers confront their ethics—and technology helps

December 2016

JUST MEANS: Business as a Force for Awakening: A Dharma Approach

June 2016

ISO&AGENT: EMV Held a Hidden Cost for ISOs

March 2016

Triple Pundit: Dharma Increases Lowest Staff Salaries to $70,000

September 15, 2015

The Green Sheet: Dharma Merchant Services Raises Salary Bar to $70,000

September 2015

Green Business Network: DMS Raises Entry Level Salaries to $70k

September 2015

Digital Transactions: Finding The Payoff in Nonprofits

April 2015

B Corporation: Dharma named "Best for Workers"

For the second year in a row, Dharma Merchant Services has been named as an honoree in the B Corporation’s Annual Best For The World awards in the category of  Best for Workers, recognized for creating the most positive worker impact. Honorees have earned a worker score in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment.

The Green Sheet: Fostering A Payments Culture Of Giving

January 2015

"Best of Category" Award

2015 Merchant Account News & Reviews

Nonprofit Times: Negotiating With Payment Processors

March 2014

Environmental Leader: Chemical Policy Reform

December 2013
The coalition, Companies for Safer Chemicals, says it will make a business argument for reforms that help companies bring safer, cleaner products to the marketplace. (Dharma is a founding coalition member.) Dharma Featured One of First Ca. B Corps

January 2012
Dharma Merchant Services was included in an article on about how Patagonia and other California-based companies were first embracing the opportunity to change their corporate status to become Benefit Corporations.

“Joining Patagonia in registering as a B Corp on the first available day were: DopeHut, Dharma Merchant Services, Give Something Back Office Supplies, Green Retirement Plans, Opticos Designs, Scientific Certification Systems, Solar Works, Sun Light & Power, Terrassure Sustainable Land & Resource Development, and Thinkshift Communications.”

Environmental Leader: Patagonia Pioneers Sustainability Legal Status

January 2012

CSRwire: Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Spur Creation of High Quality Jobs...

October 2011

Green America: BPA-free Cash Register Paper

April 2011

Green America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to Dharma Merchant Services

November 2009