Donating Profits for Good Causes. One of the founding principles of Dharma Merchant Services is to give back to the community in a meaningful way. My daughter, Alexia, and I were following the lead of such companies as Newman’s Own, Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, and many others when we founded the company in 2007. Since then we have given away many hundreds of thousands of dollars to
charitable organizations committed to relieving the suffering of others in different ways. In 2020, despite the negative economic impact that COVID has had on our business, Dharma donated over $60,000 to deserving nonprofits. We tend to favor those that advocate for environmental rights, human rights, animal rights, imprisoned rights, as well as local Buddhist communities. We still feel that all corporations have a responsibility to those in need and we are encouraged by the increasing number of companies that agree. The following is a partial list of recent recipients.


Amnesty International

Animal League Defense Fund

Amazon Watch

Barn Sanctuary

Bhutan Foundation, supporting teaching English to Bhuddist Nuns


Green America

Insight Prison Project

Mercy Corps

Pathfinder International

Population Connection

Pachamama Alliance

Prison Dharma Network

Seva Foundation