Giving Back

Supporting our greater community.

In 2015 Dharma Donated Over $100,000 to Nonprofits

Helping those in need is a founding tenet at Dharma.

We are totally committed to sustainable practices, partners and supporting our greater community by generously giving back where it counts. Since 2008, we have donated a percentage of our profits every year, supporting charitable organizations that serve the greater good.

We generally select nonprofit organizations from five main categories:

  1. Social change/social justice
  2. Education
  3. Environment
  4. Health and Welfare
  5. Animal Welfare

2015 Recipients

Amazon Watch. Supporting indigenous communities.
American Sustainable Business Council. Advocates for policy change at the federal and state level.
Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding. Therapeutic horseback riding.
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver. Helping kids stay out of trouble, stay in school and succeed in life.
Buddhist Global Relief. Combating chronic hunger and malnutrition.
Carrera Races, Inc. Bolstering the bottom lines of San Antonio nonprofit organizations.
Children’s Fairyland. Oakland, Ca.’s storybook theme park.
Climate Ride. Charitable events that raise funds for the environment, sustainability and active transportation.
Community Walks AFSP. Benefiting the American Society for Suicide Prevention.
David Brower Center. Providing a home for the environmental movement.
Green America. Growing the green economy for people & planet.
Lazarex Foundation. Helping people fight cancer.
Milo Foundation. A nonprofit domestic animal sanctuary
Pathfinder International. Global leader in sexual & reproductive health
Ronald McDonald House. Temporary housing for families with seriously ill or injured children.
San Francisco Zen Center. Express, make accessible, and embody the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha.
Seva Foundation. Delivery of vital eye care services to the world’s most vulnerable.
Tricycle Foundation. Making Buddhist teachings & practices broadly available.
Unified Buddhist Church. Founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.
Veteran’s Path. Supporting veterans as they return to their communities.
Women for Women International. Helping marginalized women in war torn countries.
Yes Families. Nurturing leaders who champion the wellbeing of our community.

Top Picks from the Dharma Team

In 2014 we started something new. Each member of our team got to pick a nonprofit that was near and dear to their hearts, and those organizations received a donation of $1-2,000 each. Here are the 2015 selections:

Bread & Roses. Hope & healing through live music. (Jeff’s pick)
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. (Anthony’s pick)
Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly. Volunteers committed to relieving isolation & loneliness among the elderly. (Diann’s pick)
Mutville. (Ron’s pick)
Prison University Project. (Derek’s pick)
RAINN. Helping sexual abuse victims in need, with direct clinical services (Nick’s pick)
Sanghapala Foundation (Cyndia’s pick)
Saranaoloka Foundation (Cyndia’s pick)
St. Charles Youth & Family Services, Inc. Offers teenage boys and girls a peaceful and structured environment for renewal, learning, and personal development. (Heidi’s pick)
SF Marin Food Bank. (Anthony’s pick)
The Innocence Project. (Trace’s pick)
The Sentencing Project. Advocating for a more free and fair justice system. (Nick’s pick)
The UN Refugee Agency. (Heidi’s pick)


Qualifications to be considered for a year-end donation.

Organization must be a certified 501(c)3 listed on Guidestar as of June 30, 2015.
Nonprofit must have a national scope of service.
Minimum of $500,000 in annual operating budget.
Information must be received before October 2016.
Applicants can send requests to