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Fill out the below form to ensure you receive credit. Once your referral signs up and processes their first $1,000, you’ll be sent a $100 check.

Thanks so much for sending a merchant to Dharma! We are appreciative of the opportunity. Please fill out the below form so that we can get in touch, and help them find out if processing with Dharma makes sense. Please note that you cannot refer your own account to Dharma. And, if a merchant has already reached out to Dharma and is in our system, they won’t be be eligible for the $100 credit.

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We need to know about the best way to contact you, the referring party. Please enter your contact information below. We’ll also need your mailing address so we know where to mail your $100 check!

Merchant Information – use your best estimates!

Dharma does not work with high-risk merchants. Please click here to see how high-risk businesses are classified.


Hold on a moment! It looks like this merchant may not be a perfect fit for Dharma. Part of Dharma’s mission is making sure that we educate merchants, and only open accounts for merchants whom we can assist best. We don’t want to open accounts that don’t benefit our merchants! Unfortunately, Dharma can only work with the following merchant types:
  • Merchants processing over $10,000/month – our monthly fee often makes us a bit more expensive than “all-inclusive” providers at low volumes, like Square or PayPal. If you still feel that you’d like to move forward with Dharma, we’re OK with that. You can select “yes” to the above question about processing over $10k/month. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our pricing (here) to ensure it makes sense for your organization, or visit this page to learn about alternative options. 
  • US-based businesses
  • Merchants who are NOT processing in a high-risk category (learn more here)

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Merchant Information – use your best estimates!

Calculate your average transaction by dividing monthly volume by total transactions.



Common answers are Donations, sales of XYZ Product, tickets to our fundraiser, etc. 


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Statement Comparison

Please click “Submit” to send your information to us, and an Account Manager will reach out shortly. If you don’t have a recent statement for us to review, we can still estimate your costs! Click here to check out our free cost estimation tool instead.