Why Should My Organization Partner With Dharma?

We think there are plenty of good reasons. Please take a look through our Top Reasons section to learn more about who we are, and how we operate. To make things simple though, here are the main reasons that our clients choose Dharma:

  • Amazing Customer Service: Our clients know that we treat our merchants just like we’d want to be treated – like the people they are! When you work with Dharma, you’ll be working with a company who truly cares about your organization, your needs, and your concerns. We’re here to advocate for you, support you, and help you come to expedient resolutions to your problems. Our clients trust Dharma to operate from a place of understanding and compassion – a far cry from the rest of the industry.
  • Low, fair, transparent rates: It’s not often that you’ll find a merchant service provider publicly posting their rates. That’s because most providers aren’t committed to transparency like Dharma is. We feel that you have the right to know exactly what you’ll be charged, before you sign up. We also feel you have the right to cancel your service if Dharma isn’t meeting your needs. That’s why Dharma has no long term contracts and no hidden fees.
  • Partner with a firm who shares your values: It’s rare that you get to feel good about partnering with a merchant service provider. Dharma is the exception to that rule. When you sign up with Dharma, you can feel good about supporting an organization that practices what it preaches. Chances are, you’ll have to sign up with a merchant service provider in order to accept credit cards. Why not sign up with a provider who treats you ethically, fairly, and compassionately?