Who will be required to sign the Dharma application?

The answer to this question depends on what type of business/organization you represent:

  • Nonprofits: Any member of the organization who is authorized to act on behalf of the organization. Typically, we’ll want to have an Executive Director, Treasurer, or Senior Board member signing. Signers of nonprofit applications will not be signing a personal guaranty, but will be required to provide their Social Security Number and contact information for identity verification purposes.
  • Partnerships: Both partners will be required to sign the application for partnerships.
  • Sole Proprietors: Only the sole-proprietor may sign, and no one else.
  • Private LLC or Corporation: An owner must sign, and we prefer to have an owner with at least 50% ownership, or two owners with a combined 50% or greater ownership.
  • Co-operative: Similar to a nonprofit, co-operatives can have an authorized member sign on behalf of the organization.