What Features Does Authorize.net Provide?

Authorize.net is a very powerful tool that can provide many different features for your business. Read about Authorize.net features here in more detail, but the brief list is:

  • Virtual Terminal for manually keying-in credit card transactions through a web interface
  • Recurring Billing so that you can create automatic weekly/monthly payments to your customer’s cards
  • Customer Information Manager to securely store your customer’s sensitive data
  • QuickBooks Sync via the optional CommerceSync feature for QuickBooks and XERO, so that you can easily reconcile your accounting with your credit card sales. CommerceSync for QuickBooks Online / XERO is $17.95 a month, while CommerceSync for QuickBook Desktop is $41.95 a month.
  • Mobile Swiping for accepting transactions in person
  • Shopping Cart Compatibility with the big providers, so you can connect to your online store