Updating your Merchant Account

If you’re only making minimal changes – for example, keying a card at curbside instead of swiping in your store – there is nothing that needs to be done in order to keep processing during the crisis.

If you are making a more fundamental change – for example, adding a new ecommerce section to your website for self-service and checkout – you may need a second merchant account to support the new method. Reach out to Dharma Support to learn if a second account will be required. If you do need a second account, Dharma will split our monthly service fee between your existing account(s) and the new one, so there will be no net increase in your monthly fees other than those associated with the processing that occurs on the new account.

If you are closing temporarily, you have the option to put your account on a Seasonal Hold. This hold can last up to six months, but, if the account is not reactivated after six months, it will be closed. There is no charge for going on Seasonal Hold, and you will not be charged any fees during the Seasonal Hold. We do ask for one week notice to remove the Seasonal Hold, so please plan accordingly when you are ready to reopen. Reach out to Dharma Support to put your account on Seasonal Hold.