My POS provider is charging a fee to change providers, does Dharma pay for that?

It’s unfortunate, but some POS providers will require merchants to pay to switch their merchant service provider. This is one of the many practices Dharma doesn’t engage in. Although it’s becoming less common in our industry, we often hear stories of POS providers attempting to charge “change over” or “merchant switch” fees. Dharma feels that these fees are egregious, and we strongly urge merchants to contest these fees with their POS provider.

Due to our low fixed margins, Dharma does not compensate merchants for changeover fees assessed by their POS provider. However, we will be happy to discuss your needs directly with your provider and encourage them to reduce or eliminate their changeover fees. Often times, once a POS provider realizes that Dharma is here to make this process painless and easy, they’re much more willing to assist, and we’ve even seen those fees get magically eliminated! Of course we can’t promise that your provider will alter their fee schedule for you – but with Dharma, you’ll have a partner who will advocate on your behalf.