I’ve found a suspicious sale (or more) – what next?

It’s important to act fast.

OK, you’ve found something fishy in your Authorize.net gateway. There are a few steps you can take to immediately stop further damage.

  1. Notify Dharma, at 866-615-5157.
  2. If the testing is happening NOW, you can put your account in “TEST MODE” to prevent transactions from processing. To do so:
    1. Log into the Merchant Interface at https://account.authorize.net.
    2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
    3. Click Settings from the menu on the left.
    4. Click Test Mode under the Security Settings section.
    5. Drag the slider to Test.
  3. Immediately void any suspected transactions that have not yet settled and credit back all suspected transactions that have already settled.
  4. Change user passwords in case a user’s login information was compromised.
  5. Implement AVS and CCV fraud protection, and ensure your Daily Velocity filters as well as amount filters are set properly. Contact Authorize.net to have a live representative help you set everything up properly, at 877-447-3938.