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Thanks so much for notifying Dharma of a large transaction! This will help us process your funds as quickly as possible. You may upload an invoice or signed receipt below. Please also enter any pertinent notes about the transaction that may be relevant to the size.

We'll require proof of your updated bank account. That can either come as a voided check (pre-printed with your organization's name and contact information) or a letter from your bank, stating your new account information.

DBA names can be a maximum of 25 characters!

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By giving us the most up-to-date processing parameters, we can build a "profile" for your account. This will help us monitor your account properly, and help protect both you and your customers. By supplying us with the most accurate information possible, we'll be able to look for any potential anomalies in your processing. Many merchants aren't aware that setting proper parameters helps us protect you against: 

1. Fraudsters trying to hack into your online account

2. Employees running unauthorized refunds, defrauding the business

3. Transactions being run with the wrong $$ value, leading to chargebacks

4. Computer/network errors causing duplicate or multiple transactions

Calculate your average transaction by dividing monthly volume by total transactions.

If your processing varies from month to month, enter the value for the largest month.

Transactions larger than this amount may be subject to review and delayed funding.

Please tell us what day you need an active account. Please note, account activation can take up to a week depending on circumstances.

If you're experiencing gateway issues, it often will help to contact the gateway provider first. Here are the support numbers for the most prominent gateways: 877-447-3938

USAePay: 866-872-3729

MX Gateway: 800-935-5961

You may also wish to visit our Support Pages and FAQ base to learn more. If you are still experiencing issues, please explain your situation below in as much detail as possible. 

If your organization is changing forms and being issued a NEW Taxpayer ID (EIN) number, then we are required per IRS law to report your income under unique Merchant numbers. This means that we'll be required to open a new merchant account under the new entity's name. Please click getting started at the top right of your screen and complete a pre-application in order to ensure that we have all of the proper information for the new entity. Thank you!

It's easy to purchase paper from Dharma - click Support at the top of the page, then scroll down a tiny bit and click Where Do I order Paper/Supplies to place your order. 

We are happy to assist with the purchase of a new terminal - just fill out our online form and tell us what you'd like!

After clicking "Submit" the next step is to await an email from Dharma. It will arrive momentarily, acknowledging receipt of your request. This email will be sent to the email address we have on file associated with the Merchant ID you've entered above, in addition to the email address you've entered. If you do not see this email, please check your junk/spam folder.