Setting proper account parameters

Why does this matter?

Your account parameters define your merchant account with Dharma. We have to build a “profile” for your business, so that we can look out for anomalies like fraud, accidental processing, and theft. It’s important that we understand how your business operates, so that we can spot trends or patterns in your processing that may indicate something’s wrong. In addition, you’ll be approved for specific amounts based on your business’ needs and processing history. Here are the typical questions we’ll need answered:

  • What is the typical (average) monthly dollar volume you’ll process in credit cards?
  • What’s the average transaction size you process?
  • What’s the largest transaction amount you have regularly processed in the past?
  • What equipment will you use to process?
  • What is your typical sales process? Daily/weekly/monthly charges?

If your business/organization starts accepting payments in any way that changes the above, please let us know so that we can update your account and ensure that everything is setup properly.