Why are there annual fees for PIN debit?

When you accept PIN debit transactions, you’re processing over different networks than what Visa/Mastercard/AMEX use. These PIN networks are managed separately, and charge annual fees for their usage to MSPs like Dharma. Dharma always passes these fees through at cost.

Each PIN debit network has a different annual fee, ranging between $8 and $14 each. There are multiple networks: PULSE, STAR, Jeanie, NYCE, InterLink, NETS, Shazam, and Accel. Collectively, the PIN network annual fees sum up to $80/year. Dharma charges this fee to merchants as a single line item, once a year. Just to reiterate, Dharma does not mark this fee up.

Naturally, should you not wish to be subject to an annual PIN network fee, you can certainly opt not to take PIN debit sales. It’s your choice!