I already use Authorize.net, will I need to open a new account or can I keep my existing one?

Often times, we can continue to use your existing Authorize.net gateway, to minimize any disruption to your operations when you switch to Dharma. Whenever possible, we’ll re-use your gateway. However, sometimes we can’t! This is out of Dharma’s control, but sometimes your current processor will “own” your Authorize.net account. If that’s the case, then we typically cannot re-use it. There are two ways to determine if your account is transferable to Dharma:

  1. Call Authorize.net at 877-447-3938. This is the most definitive way to check, as Authorize.net will give you a yes/no answer. Just ask, “Am I allowed to update my processor on my Authorize.net account?” You’re hoping that Authorize.net says “yes”. If they say “no”, then we’ll be required to build you a new Authorize.net account, and you’ll shut the old one down after we finish setting up the new one.
  2. Login to Authorize.net and look. There will typically be “Reseller information” in your Authorize.net billing section if your account is owned by your provider. To check, login to Authorize.net. On the left-side menu bar, click “Merchant Profile”. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and look underneath the “Reseller Information” section. If this section is blank then you likely can re-use your account. But if you see your current provider’s information listed here, then chances are you’ll need a new Authorize.net account.

If we end up having to create a new Authorize.net account for you, it’s not a big deal. Most merchants can easily replicate settings from their old account into their new account in about 15 minutes. It’s also often a great opportunity to review your fraud detection settings and ensure that your employees are up to date on best practices. If you are unsure about the transferability of your gateway, we recommend calling Authorize.net to ask!