Do you have local representatives?

Dharma is based in San Francisco, and operates remotely for the vast majority of our merchants. For all of our SF Bay Area merchants, we’re always happy to provide assistance at your location when required. For our national merchants, we support you with terminal delivery and phone support.

The historical trend in our industry was to have “feet on the street” agents who knocked on doors and cold-called businesses, hoping to gain a new account. These local representatives also handled new equipment needs as well. The industry has gone through many shifts, though. With more complicated POS options and hundreds of terminal models, most technical support is handled remotely, which eliminates the need for a local representative. In addition, Dharma works hard to keep our costs consistently low – and one way that we do that is providing centralized support with remote terminal deployments. We handle terminal testing and setup in our offices, and can deploy overnight when necessary. This allows us to keep our costs down, and pass the savings along to our merchants in the form of low credit card rates.