What do Dharma Statements look like?

Dharma’s statements are generated monthly, and are easy to read. You can also download past monthly statements through your free online portal! All statements will clearly show interchange fees along with Dharma margins.

Easy to read, easy to understand

Dharma statements are easy to read, and will be mailed to you monthly, if you desire. You can have statements sent to your DBA address, or the corporate address on file if it exists. Here’s a sample statement with a few explanations of terms:

1. The statement will always show a full summary of cards accepted, along with Dharma’s margins clearly listed at the top, total fees paid, and an aggregate fee percentage as well. All card types are broken out so you can quickly see how many transactions and the associated volume you accepted per card type.

2. A deposit report will show what funds were sent to your bank by day, and it also splits deposits based on card type for easy reconciliation.

All of the details, so you stay in the know

The following pages will contain further details and breakdowns of deposits and fees charged.

3. Quickly see the per-transaction fees that were charged by Dharma.

4. Interchange fees are clearly detailed and broken out, so that you can see the “base costs” of all transactions accepted through your Dharma account. This section will also include all underlying card-association fees, too.

No hidden fees.

The last page details any additional fees, and summarizes your entire processing statement.

5. Clearly see Dharma’s monthly fee, PCI fee, and any other per-instance fees that may apply. This is also where Visa’s FANF fee shows up.

6. The last section reiterates Dharma’s % margin (also known as a discount rate) and tallies all fees associated with your processing, to summarize the total costs paid.