How Do I Customize Clover for My Business?

Clover has easy-to-use setup guides to customize Clover for Full-Service Restaurants, Quick-Service Restaurants, or Retail/Service establishments

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Clover for any Business Type

Clover is designed to be customized for every type of business. Clover has easy step-by-step instructions for three major business types:

  • Full Service (Sit Down) Restaurants: Customize Clover to show tables and servers, and adjust your tips at the end of every night. Easily run server reports, tip reports, or table reports. Keep multiple orders open simultaneously, and easily manage open bar tabs/authorizations.
  • Quick Service (Fast Food) Restaurants: Clover helps speed up your long lines by allowing you to remove the need for signatures on small sales. Quickly create inventory categories and items, and apply variants/modifiers with ease. The front-facing camera allows you to quickly scan barcodes on receipts so that you can call up past orders as fast as you can place the receipt in front of the camera!
  • Retail/Service Merchants: Easily create in-depth inventory items, and easily manage ongoing discounts. Keep track of your customers and their purchases, and allow customers to opt-in to email marketing campaigns. Easily download Marketplace Apps so that you can further customize your business with Happy Hour discounts and other advanced features.

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