Closing your account

we can help with that.

Dharma will help you easily close your account down. If you’re only closing seasonally, then we don’t have a closure fee. Just be sure to re-open your account within six months. Otherwise, Dharma has a $25 closure fee when you close your account. A few important notes to keep in mind:

  • Since we bill for our services the month AFTER processing, be sure to keep your bank account open so that we can remove our final months’ fees from your account.
  • Dharma can ONLY close your Dharma account. Any other accounts, such as, QuickBooks, etc will all need to be closed directly by the merchant.
  • If you receive separate American Express statements, that means that you have a direct account with American Express, and you’ll also need to reach out to American Express directly at 800-528-5200 to close your account.

If you’re ready to close your account, please click below to get the process started.

Close My Account