Checking account (DDA) changes

Where should we put your money?

Updating your bank account on file with Dharma allows us to deposit your funds and collect our fees from a new account. Per Visa/Mastercard regulations, any bank account update will require a few things:

  • We’ll need the new account information – bank name, routing number, DDA account number
  • We’ll need proof of the new account. This can come in one of two forms:
    • voided check that has the organizations’ information pre-printed on the check (no starter checks!)
    • bank letter that has been signed by your bank, that contains the account name, routing number, and checking account number for the account we’re using
  • We’ll need the signer of the account to sign a document authorizing this change.

Checking account changes take 2-5 business days to process. Submit an online ticket to get started.

Update my Checking Account