Can I create automated, recurring payments?

Yes! makes it easy to create automatic, recurring payments. This service is known as Automated Recurring Billing, or ARB for short. With the ARB service, you can easily create “Set it and forget it” payments for your customers. A few common examples of ARB services are:

  • Setting a monthly donation
  • Invoicing a client for three installments of a large product
  • Quarterly membership dues
  • Allowing your customer to pay their balance on a weekly basis

Creating a recurring payment is simple – just select the amount of the payment, the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) and when you want the payments to start and stop. That’s it! Easily track all of your ongoing and expired recurring payments, and you can even take eCheck payments on a recurring basis, too. The ARB service is included free of charge with all new accounts opened by Dharma.