I Have My Own Terminal. Can I Use It With Dharma?

Sometimes, but we recommend a new terminal.

The answer is…. maybe. Please check with us first, because processing networks are constantly updating their requirements, to ensure that all terminals are operating with the highest possible level of security. We’d want to ensure compatibility with Dharma’s services before making any guarantees. Assuming that your terminal is compatible with Dharma’s services, updating your terminal can still be a frustrating task with no guarantees. We’d wait until after we approve your new account, then you’d call into our help desk to initiate a terminal “download.”  Usually, this process only takes about 30 minutes – but sometimes, it can stretch into hours if our download team encounters roadblocks. Please note, due to the additional complexities and time requirements surrounding wireless terminals, Dharma does not reprogram existing wireless devices. In our experience, there are simply too many points of failure! It’s our recommendation to take the opportunity to upgrade to new equipment, in order to avoid download headaches.

We strongly recommend reading through this page, which details the limitations of reprogramming terminals, as well as the potential roadblocks.