Can I securely store my customer’s sensitive credit card data? definitely allows you to securely store your customer’s sensitive data. This feature is called Customer Information Manageror CIM for short. This service is included free of charge with all new accounts that Dharma opens. With CIM, you can easily enter your customer’s sensitive payment information for safe keeping. will allow you to enter up to 10 credit cards per customer, so that you can easily reference different payment methods for your important clients.

The best part about CIM? It’s 100% PCI Compliant, and your data stays safe. Once you enter in a customer’s credit card information, even you won’t be able to access the full cardholder data in the future. You’ll be able to charge the card, delete the information, or reference the last few digits of the card-number for reconciliation purposes, but for security reasons you’ll never have full access to the card details again. This is great news for any business owners – because you can rest assured that employees will never be able to take advantage of your customer’s sensitive data. And if someone were to gain access to your passwords or accounts, even a hacker wouldn’t be able to see this information. keeps you safe!