Learn About Merchant Services

Merchant Services is an industry most people aren’t too familiar with. Read all of the ins and outs below.

Why is daily settlement (batching) important?

To set the stage – there are two distinct portions of any credit card transaction. The first is known as the authorization, which happens in real-time, when you swipe/dip/key the card into your system. You’ll receive a real-time response from the card-issuing bank of “approved” or “declined”. The second step is known as the capture, when …

What is Future Delivery?

future delivery

High “Future Delivery” and Annual memberships/payments can often be considered high-risk. Read on to learn about risk factors with future delivery.

Am I allowed to Surcharge, or pass my credit card costs onto my customers?

Technically, you are allowed to surcharge your customers for credit card transactions, but there are several specific restrictions you need to be aware of: There are 10 states which actively prohibit this practice by law. These laws were created with the intention of protecting consumers, and stopping merchants from surcharging their purchases by favoring a specific …

What is a POS (Point of Sale) system?

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system is an integrated, full-featured system designed to handle all “Storefront” (aka brick-and-mortar) needs of the merchant. In the old days, a POS was just the cash register. You can think of a POS like a cash register with a brain. Nowadays, most merchant point of sale systems run on a computer …

What is Visa CPS (Custom Payment Service)?

Visa CPS (or Custom Payment Service) outlines the criteria your transactions need to meet in order to gain access to the lowest possible interchange rates. To help protect merchants and consumers, Visa has defined several criteria that merchants must meet when submitting transactions through the network. These criteria are designed to help incentivize good behavior by merchants, …

What Does the MCC Code Mean?

What Does MCC Stand For? A Merchant Category Code is used by Visa/MasterCard/Discover to classify different businesses that accept their cards. By defining a specific MCC code for each business, the card associations are able to regulate what types of cards are accepted, what types of interchange classifications are granted, and how merchants are allowed to …

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