Yebuny Brings Sacred Commerce to Canada!

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Yebuny Brings Sacred Commerce to Canada!

We are happy to announce that our very own Yebuny Johnson is bringing Sacred Commerce to Canada!

Under her new venture Heartwood Consulting and in partnership with Erin Ross of Get That You Matter, Rob Sinclair of Conscious Brands, and Corinne Ann D Cornish of The Inner Realms, Yebuny is bringing Sacred Commerce workshops to Calgary, Edmonton, and Nelson in the province of Alberta, Canada.

We invite you to share these events with your communities and pass along the information below:

Business As a Path of Awakening

We are delighted that Yebuny is helping to spread this perspective of business as a pathway to awakening to other conscious businesses. When our co-founders, Alexia and Jeff Marcous found Sacred Commerce, they discovered the perfect toolbox of practical practices to expand and nurture the intentions of social justice and sustainability. This workshop delivers the tools and practices that have been key to Dharma’s success.

For more information on bringing Sacred Commerce to your business, email Information on future workshops Sacred Commerce coming soon!