This Month’s Being Game: Joy and Peace

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This Month’s Being Game: Joy and Peace

This month our Sacred Commerce practice celebrates our holiday season’s quintessential qualities of being: joy and peace. This season’s emphasis on them gives us an opportunity to reflect on joyful moments: moments passed and moments yet to come.

Upon reflection, we are grateful for the lessons, awakening, and accomplishments we have experienced in 2011. This year has taught us that peace and joy are a state of mind and are always present inside of us, ready for us to choose to express them in our thoughts, attitudes, speech, beliefs, and actions. We have learned that cultivating joy in our lives is as simple as choosing to celebrate what each moment has to offer. We have also learned that peace can come through an active practice of mindfulness from which awareness of the bigger picture arises.

Here are some other examples of how we cultivate peace and joy:

  1. Tell a joke or laugh at one
  2. Share inspirational stories
  3. Give something away
  4. Acknowledge someone
  5. Enjoy a quiet moment with yourself or others
  6. Share meals or good food
  7. Practice self care and compassion
  8. Count your blessings (focus on what you’re grateful for)

What have you learned this year and how do you cultivate joy and peace in your life?