This Month’s Being Game: Being Complete

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This Month’s Being Game: Being Complete

The book Sacred Commerce defines “getting complete” as restoring full love with one’s self or another.  In the book we’re asked to “consider that wherever you are incomplete, it interferes with your ability to be here now”.

This month we are practicing Being Complete by reflecting on what that looks like to each of us, and how we can experience completion and bring our attention back to the present moment.  We are looking at our personal and professional lives and seeing where we are choosing to be “incomplete”, where full love is not restored, and then taking action to get complete.  We are taking on remembering that we don’t need anything external to complete us, and that there is nothing missing from our selves.  We are observing where we are putting our attention on what is incomplete, letting go, and shifting our focus to acceptance and perfection.

Here are some quotes from our team on what Being Complete means to them, and what playing the game has been like:

Being complete means loving myself and recognizing that I am perfect.  My doubts, fears, and worries give me the opportunity to be strong, mindful, and present.  My past experiences, lessons and interactions make me who I am today, but I can choose to let go and take on every moment with integrity and intention.

Being complete, to me, means accepting all that is, without the desire to fix – and seeing our struggle with acceptance as perfect in itself.  

I have been incomplete with my partner in that I haven’t been speaking up about how I sometimes feel unsupported and how I sometimes feel like I am not supporting him.  After having this conversation with him, we now know how each other actually feels instead of being in our heads.  As a result we have made a beautiful new commitment to actively supporting each other in all aspects of our relationship!

To me, being complete means recognizing that for every perceived loss there is an equal gain, for every time I focus on what is wrong, I could equally focus on what is right.  Being Complete allows me to recognize this balance and to be present to those ideals that increase love in my life and, consequently, decrease separation.  

Playing this game has allowed me to take on listening to my body more, and believing that there lies the wisdom to heal, achieve balance and feel healthy and happy no matter what is going on in my world.

Being complete is seeing that every interaction is released without any residue of unfinished business – or even the slightest trace of emotional discomfort or disconnection – making sure that there is no love lost in the moment.

As you can tell, it has been a wonderfully healing process for us all at Dharma and we invite you to play with us for the rest of April!  How can you practice Being Complete?