Social Change and Business

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Social Change and Business … Wearing your heart on your sleeve

This is a great expression that possibly originated in medieval times when jousting knights wore the colors representing the women they were defending, in the form of ribbons or handkerchiefs tied to their arms. The saying refers to when we openly show our emotions. Recently, Dharma made a Facebook post referencing the Supreme Court decision, which affirmed that the Constitution does not prohibit same sex marriage. We have over 3000 merchants across a widest spectrum of industries, states, political ideologies, and other imaginable beliefs, so it was not surprising to hear from a merchant of ours who took issue with our post. We totally understand that not every merchant may share our views, and respect that some companies would not wish to wear their hearts on their sleeve. In our case, we acknowledge that for social change to come about, it is also the responsibility of business to lead the way – even at the risk of alienating a stakeholder. We responded to our merchant with good heart and intentions, and for the record, this merchant cited our incredible service and support as reason to continue working with Dharma.

Please note: while Dharma was a Registered B Corp at the time of this posting, it no longer is.