Purpose & Business

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Purpose & Business.

I recently returned from the Conscious Company Leaders Forum conference, which was held at a wonderful new learning center in Scotts Valley, CA called 1440 Multiversity. This small gathering drew participants from around the globe who are committed to the new green economy, the triple bottom line model, the social responsibility movement, and business as a force for good. Attending companies included Patagonia, Greystone Bakery, Plum Organics, LinkedIn, Seventh Generation, Clif Bar, New Resource Bank, GoPro, and many others who recognize that business has a responsibility to serve the greater community, and not just to line their own pockets with money.

One discussion in particular stood out for me during a conversation around purpose. The panelists were all describing their inspiration for creating companies that were fun places to work, for implementing unique programs supporting wellness, and for developing innovative services. It occurred to me that all of those things are byproducts of purpose. From my perspective, the underlying real purpose is the desire to be of genuine service to others! Oh yeah, and along the way a business needs to be profitable to continue functioning. But when a company’s emphasis is focused on how to be of value to customers and other stakeholders rather than just making more money for themselves, a different intention is put in motion: a more focused and patient interest in helping others navigate challenge is accomplished; deeper, more meaningful connections are made; lasting relationships result. Moving through the world with this sense of purpose is fulfilling, meaningful, and abundant in every way. (Jeff Marcous)