Mindfulness in Business

Posted in Dharma's Culture, Social Responsibility.

mindfulness-in-businessIn our local San Francisco community, there is a lot going on around the topic of mindfulness in business, especially in the Silicon Valley/tech industries. Companies like Google and Facebook are pioneering the integration of such practices that directly correlate with employee engagement and happiness. Organizations are springing up that teach a variety of practices intended to waken the collective and individual minds to the benefits of mindfulness, which is not simply a technique of focus and directed attention but a much wider engagement of awareness and acceptance of things as they really are, unencumbered by judgment and the filtering stories of the mind. Dharma Merchant Services was created with the primary concept that business can and should be part of one’s awakening. We view our entity called Dharma as an incubator for developing compassion, selflessness, emotional intelligence and gratitude. Turns out that a by-product of our commitment to the aspects of right intention, right speech and right livelihood is mindfulness! Operating with awareness of the moment allows us to be of the greatest service to our stakeholders – merchants, vendors, partners, and staff – by holding space for them with the intention of how to best serve and support them. This is how we explain our tag line, Commerce with Compassion. We hope that our way of being resonates with you.