Merchant of the Month – Thanksgiving Coffee Company

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Thanksgiving Coffee Company

I totally admit that I am and have been an insufferable coffee snob ever since moved to the Pacific Northwest 20 years ago. Don’t even mention Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to me – I am not gonna bite – er I mean, sip. I grew up in a coffee drinking family back east and in the old days, my dad was a “Good to the Last Drop” Maxwell House fanatic, which possibly drove me to my rebellious ways. But I digress as this month we are highlighting the Thanksgiving Coffee Company right here in northern California. All you need to know is their company motto, “not just a cup, but a just cup” and you can tell that they are committed to the green and equitable economy. As you read through their history, one is impressed by the Katzeff family’s impact on the underprivileged peoples of coffee-growing countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua. Their dedication to fair trade, sustainability, community support, and of course, roasting and supplying amazingly good coffee is inspiring. Dharma has been a solid customer of Thanksgiving Coffee Company for awhile now, and they exceed the needs of my high java standards. No doubt they will exceed your expectations, too!