Merchant of the Month – Plow to Porch Organics

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Merchant of the Month – Plow to Porch Organics.

Dharma has boarded hundreds of new merchants already this year, but one of our standouts is Plow to Porch Organics in Santa Barbara, California. There are many companies with the model of delivering weekly boxes of food to subscribers, but we have never seen one with such transparency, passion, and intention. Their produce is all certified organic, and each item lists the local farm from which the fruit, vegetable, or herb has been grown – typically delivered within 24 hours of harvest! Owner Pam Plesons was inspired to start the company after her young child – a fan of all foods white, like bread, milk, pasta, potatoes, etc. – was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. He is proof that all children can develop a love of highly nutritional fruits and veggies. Take a look at the best way to store your produce; there is a lot of very valuable information here. From a customer quote, “I now love beets, after an early childhood scarring with the canned kind.” (Now if we could only convince Dharma’s COO, Nick, to start loving beets!)

We are always inspired by merchants who are doing good in the world, and we wish Plow to Porch much abundance and prosperity!