It’s Time

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Image of a pocket watch

It’s Time

Mark your calendars for September 22nd, as it’s the autumnal equinox this year.

I know, I know, where does the time go? You know, time waits for no one but there’s no time like the present. Time is money and time heals all wounds. Got a little time to kill? Some people are way behind the times. Just in the nick of time, though, time will tell. It’s a race against time, so just biding my time. It’s only a matter of time, but the time is ripe. And though time flies, time is of the essence. We hear that third time’s a charm. Some are ahead of their time, but maybe they’ll make it big time – time and time again! I take a little time to visit the men who are doing time – the time is right!

Finally, take some time to view this interesting map, which shows the current position of the moon, sun, and night/day time. Wishing you all a great time…