Interview with Malama Kaua’i

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Interview with Malama Kaua’i

I recently had the very good fortune of being interviewed on the KKCR Kaua’i Community Radio Malama Kaua’i Radio Show by Keone Kealoha, co-founder of Malama Kaua’i.

The interview was conducted to feature the Green Chamber of Commerce, and share the work the Green Chamber is doing to promote sustainability, support member businesses and campaign for climate change legislation at the local, state and national levels.

It was an honor to be connected to Malama Kaua’i, an organization that seeks to merge the traditional Hawaiian values of aloha and malama (take care of)`aina (the environment) with contemporary principles of sustainability. Founded in 2006 by Keone Kealoha and Chris Jaeb, Malama Kaua’i has grown to include a significant number of projects and initiatives designed to increase the production and consumption of local agricultural products, advance towards energy independence with renewable sources, promote sustainable watershed management and foster a strong local economy.

With an environment that contains many species that only exist on the Hawaiian islands, and a location that makes importing and exporting cost and carbon footprint-prohibitive, we’re grateful for the incredible work the folks at Malama Kaua’i are doing. Mahalo nui loa!