Co-founder Alexia Marcous interviewed by 2degrees

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Co-founder Alexia Marcous interviewed by 2degrees

What a pleasure it was being interviewed by Ben Carmichael of 2degrees on my work with the Green Chamber of Commerce.

A theme of the discussion was collaboration, where I shared how the GCC has partnered with Green America and B Lab to share expertise and best practices. We also talked about the Green Chamber’s membership in the American Sustainable Business Council to counter the anti-environmental lobbying voice of the National Chamber of Commerce on climate change legislation. I was glad to give a resounding yes when Ben asked if we also partnered with organizations like, which I see as necessary to keeping attention on climate change and having businesses be a driver in making sustainability an essential part of our economic recovery.

Collaboration happens to be what 2degrees is all about. An online community of over 12,000 sustainability professionals from over 90 countries, 2degrees connects like-minded businesses and public sector organizations from around the world to share expertise, connect with new partners and find new customers.

The community is built upon subject-specific Working Groups such as Greener Healthcare, Low Carbon Commercial Real Estate, Carbon Compliance Strategies and Water Risk and Strategy.

Their free membership level provides access to their latest news, blogs, non-legal documents and forums. Premium, paid-for services include access to certain live and recorded webinars and podcasts, access to legal briefings, and the ability to contact other members.

I see joining as a way to participate in a global community dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering the collaboration that is critical to solving some of our world’s most difficult questions around how to best implement sustainable solutions. Thank you 2degrees for bringing us together!

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