5 reasons to Choose eCommerce Vs. PayPal:

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5 reasons to Choose eCommerce Vs. PayPal

One of the biggest questions nonprofits face when putting together their websites is whether to use Paypal to accept donations or get a merchant account with an ecommerce company. While PayPal has its strengths, it is not always the best choice for nonprofits. An account with an ecommerce company offers your nonprofit more advantages, fewer issues and the opportunity to raise more money online.  Dharma partner 4AGoodCause offers the following 5 reasons to use an ecommerce company versus PayPal:

1. Branding
2. Customer Comfort
3. Ease of Money Transfer
4. Customer Service
5. Additional Services   PayPal may be one of the biggest but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you!  Read the full article here.