Dharma’s Co-Founder Starts The Bodhicitta Practice Foundation

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Photo of Alexia Marcous

The Bodhicitta Practice Foundation

It was on her October, 2012 trip to Haiti with Haiti Health Initiative that Alexia Marcous, co-founder and Chief Optimistic Officer of Dharma, had a life-changing insight.  Despite hurricane Sandy’s destruction of the dental clinic she was volunteering in cutting the trip short, she described her experience as incredibly moving and impactful.  Upon returning, she shared with her Dharma Dream Team: “I realized that my heart is in being of service, doing work that has a direct positive impact on those that are less fortunate.”  She decided to follow her heart and created the Bodhicitta Practice Foundation, choosing the name based on the translation of Bodhicitta as “working to alleviate the suffering of all beings”.  Alexia has set the purpose of the Foundation to perform service work in the areas of children’s education, women’s health and empowerment, environmental sustainability and spiritual well-being.

With the gracious support of her father, business partner and other Dharma co-founder, Alexia has transitioned to part-time status at Dharma.  We’ll post updates on the great work the Foundation is doing on an ongoing basis, including a description of her January 2013 trip to India to volunteer at an elementary school in Madanapalle.