Dharma Featured at SF EcoTuesday

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Dharma Featured at SF EcoTuesday

Dharma co-founders Alexia and Jeff presented at this month’s SF EcoTuesday event – and are featured in the EcoTuesday recap blog post.

February’s featured speaker was Dharma Merchant Services, long time EcoTuesday friends and former Co-Ambassadors. We all huddled around to listen to father and daughter founders Jeff Marcous and Alexia Marcous as they gave us insight into their unique work philosophy…

Jeff recited a quote by Kahil Gibran, “Work is love made visible” and explained it’s not only ‘what’ you do in business that defines who you are, but rather it’s ‘how’ you do it. By operating by a set of principles based on the book Sacred Commerce, they attract clients and partners that reflect similar beliefs and operate on a level of mutual respect.

Alexia described one example of how they’ve applied this to their day to day operations through an exercise with co-workers called a daily “clearing”. This allows the opportunity first thing in the morning to get what is going on out of the way, acknowledging rather than reacting to each other. This acknowledgment shifts focus from what might be wrong and onto what is right. The result is working with people who feel good about themselves and with each other.

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