Clearing Practice Reflection

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Clearing Practice Reflection

Today we’d like to share some insights from this morning’s clearing practice.

The first question was ‘who or what have you been blaming?’. Our responses included: myself, for not meeting my own expectations; my family member for being distant; my romantic partner for everything. We got to see how these choices are disempowering, and cause us to not take responsibility for our expectations and our role in relationship.

Our second question was ‘how are you rich?’. The answers gushed forth at the great opportunity to share examples of the richness we are creating out of a belief in abundance being a quality of the divine. Here are some highlights:

  1. I am rich in unconditional love from friends
  2. I am rich in working for a sustainable company that values me and my contribution
  3. I am gratefully rich in a loving and expanding romantic partnership with the love of my life
  4. I have a warm and wonderful home
  5. I am rich with a like-minded, supportive eco-community
  6. The colors in the landscape of my life are rich, bright and beautiful
  7. I am rich in perspective
  8. I am rich with inspiring, challenging experiences
  9. I am rich with SO MANY emails in my Inbox
  10. I am truly rich in opportunity to serve and connect with spirit in working toward my dreams and supporting others in doing the same
  11. I have a wealth of support from friends and family
  12. I have an abundance of teaching and tools that help me connected to truth
  13. I am rich in opportunities
  14. I am overwhelmingly rich in blessings at Dharma Merchant Service and the incredible love, compassion, and support provided by my employers and work mates
  15. I am rich in resources
  16. I am deeply rich in love with myself, and great, loving, supportive family and friends
  17. I am rich with a wealth of goals and dreams
  18. I am rich in love
  19. I am rich in the luxury of living in a developed country where it’s easy to take for granted that my basic needs are constantly met and the emotional space that provides me to focus on seeking and crafting a spiritual path through life.

We invite you to consider who you are blaming and what that feels like, and then to reflect on the richness and great fortune in your life. Please share your insights with us!