Being Game: Being Healthy

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This Month’s Being Game: Being Healthy

This month we are “Being Healthy” as part of our monthly Dharma & Sacred Commerce practice.

At Dharma, we share the perspective that health doesn’t just mean a healthy body or a healthful diet but encompasses practices of regular nourishment and love of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Whether it is…

  • fulfilling a life-long dream to travel (our Co-Founder, Alexia, just returned from 3 weeks in Nepal with Heifer International); 
  • going on a spiritual retreat (our other Co-Founder, Jeff, is attending one at Spirit Rock next week); 
  • planting, harvesting, eating from, and sharing organic vegetables (our Account Manager, Trace, has an organic farm in Petaluma); 
  • rock climbing (our Account Manager, Nick, is one amazing monkey); 
  • cooking and singing daily like our Office Manager, Yebuny; 
  • or practicing virtues like compassion and gratitude (some of our favorites here at Dharma)…

…there are myriad ways to cultivate health and well-being in our bodies, minds and spirits. We find taking care of ourselves and each other with these practices are also great ways to practice gratitude – especially during this holiday season!

How are you choosing health and well-being for your body, mind, and spirit?