Dharma’s Green Chart

Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Although Dharma doesn’t manufacture a product, we can still make a big difference in our footprint. The choices we make on a day-to-day basis impact many aspects of our work environment. And who we chose to partner with and buy from allows us to directly support and benefit other companies with the same intentions. Take a look at our Green Chart below.

How We Do Our Part
Banking Banks with Beneficial State Bank, a socially conscious and environmentally sustainable banking alternative. BSB is a triple-bottom line organization that is mandated to produce meaningful social justice and environmental benefits, while remaining financially sustainable. They’re becoming a well known force in the fight for ethical, fair banking principles.
Coffee and Tea Provide organic, fair trade coffee from artisan roasters and local suppliers including Equator Coffees; organic, fair trade tea from Numi Tea and Organic India and organic, fair trade Yerba Mate from Guayaki. These suppliers use recyclable and compostable packaging, and support programs that empower, nurture and financially support the health and well being of their farmers and local communities.
Company Transportation Commutes with 100% foot, bike and bus-powered methods. Travel is taken with City Car Share vehicles, hybrid whenever possible. Dharma pays for employees’ public transit or bike parking.
Energy Use Make our energy usage carbon-neutral with PG&E’s ClimateSmart program, and we always use natural light and ventilation whenever we can.
Healthcare Benefits Choose certified green, locally-owned and operated Bay Point Bay Point Benefits to provide full coverage health insurance for all employees. Fully funded Health Savings Accounts for all employees with local credit union, Patelco, and offer paid memberships to employee-chosen local gyms and yoga studios.
Office Supplies Buy from local supplier, Give Something Back, where 100% of after-tax profits are donated to the local community, resulting in almost $5 million donated to date. 100% recycled, refillable, reusable and environmentally safe products are chosen whenever possible.
Printing Company Work with GreenerPrinter, a locally-owned and fellow family-operated business, dedicated to helping us design the most environmentally printed materials possible.
Recycling and Compost Choose products that can be recycled or composted, and recycle everything possible. Toner cartridges are refilled by local, green certified Toner Cartridge Services. Electronics, computers, light bulbs and batteries are handled responsibly with Green Zebra. We also share our bins with office neighbors and encourage them to recycle.
Shipping Policies Reuse all incoming packaging and purchases 100% recycled PCW boxes and compostable packaging from Salazar Packaging aka Globeguard, a certified green company that participates in 1% For the Planet and is very active in their local community.
Snacks and Beverages Provide fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts by walking to the local farmer’s market (using reusable shopping bags); filtered water; organic almond milk; wheatgrass shots from our favorite local restaurants, and superfoods such as organic wheatgrass powder, chia seeds, maca and cacao are purchased from local suppliers for use in the company smoothie maker.
Consulting Services Chose Honeyman Sustainability Consulting, a firm who helps some of the world’s leading companies become Certified B Corporations, recertify as B Corporations, and maximize the value of their B Corp certification. Ryan helps businesses like Ben & Jerry’s, King Arthur Flour, Method, Klean Kanteen, and Nutiva become Certified B Corporations and maximize the value of their B Corp certification. Also chose Management Resources, consulting for small to mid-sized, fast growth and social purpose businesses
Web Chose DreamHost, a 100% carbon neutral hosting firm, and an active member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce. Also chose YouthNoise for SEO, and for our Web Design we work with Mightybytes, offering creative digital solutions for conscious companies, and a B Corp.
Financial Services Chose RSF Social Finance, a nonprofit financial services organization (Rudolph Steiner Foundation). The RSF Social Investment Fund provides a unique opportunity to invest in a diversified, direct loan fund comprised of over 90 leading non-profit organizations and for-profit social enterprises. It represents a great way to achieve substantial social and environmental “returns” while generating a financial return similar to that of a bank CD.
Law Firm Chose Hanson Bridgett, who ranked #4 among the 100 best U.S. law firms for women, and listed the firm as one of its “Ceiling Smashers,” as one of 25 firms with the highest percentage of female partners.
IT Services Chose FIDO Systems, a  San Francisco based IT consulting firm, specializing in providing IT services to small- and mid-sized businesses in the Bay Area. FIDO and Dharma have been partnered together for years now, with Dharma’s computer and IT needs being handled by the quick and responsive staff at FIDO. FIDO has taken on the big step of becoming a fully certified B-Corp!