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Thanks for choosing to complete our pre-application. Here are some important notes:

  • Save your info and come back to it by clicking the link at the top of this page. 
  • Please prepare 2 documents: a pre-printed, voided check from the account you wish to fund plus a document showing proof of your legal entity. 
  • If you currently accept credit cards, we'll also need 3 months of processing statements. Please include statements that show your high-volume months and large transactions.
  • Upon completion, you will be emailed documents to electronically sign and return via DocuSign. Once completed, approval usually takes 2-3 business days. We will typically require an additional 3-5 days to setup any terminal equipment. 
  • For questions, you can email sales@dharmams.com or call us at (866) 615-5157.

Thanks for requesting a free cost comparison! We're happy to help out. Please note:

  • If you aren't yet accepting credit cards or don't have access to your current processing statements, you can instead estimate your costs instantly, by clicking here. We've created an easy-to-use tool to estimate the total fees you'd pay, based on several factors. 
  • If you're interested in a full rate review, please gather a recent statement so that we can review it! You can upload it at the end of this form.
  • If you just have some basic questions, that's fine too! You'll have the opportunity to ask questions below.

Dharma does not work with high-risk merchants. Please click here to see how high-risk businesses are classified.


Hold on a moment! It looks like you may not be a perfect fit for Dharma. Part of Dharma's mission is making sure that we educate merchants, and only open accounts for merchants whom we can assist best. We don't want to open accounts that don't benefit our merchants! Unfortunately, Dharma can only work with the following merchant types:
  • Merchants processing over $10,000/month - our monthly fee often makes us a bit more expensive than "all-inclusive" providers at low volumes, like Square or PayPal. If you still feel that you'd like to move forward with Dharma, we're OK with that. You can select "yes" to the above question about processing over $10k/month. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our pricing (here) to ensure it makes sense for your organization, or visit this page to learn about alternative options. 
  • US-based businesses
  • Merchants who are NOT processing in a high-risk category (learn more here)
We apologize that we'll be unable to accommodate a new account for you. For international and high-risk merchants, please complete this form for an introduction to a partner who can assist.

Please note, this form is NOT completable. Please do not attempt to Submit.

Basic Processing Parameters

By supplying us with the correct information, we'll be able to properly set your account up and protect against potential fraud. Please use as much accuracy as possible in the below section.

Please select "Retail" if you sell any goods/services directly to consumers. This is the most common business category. "Quick Serve Restaurant" is only for restaurants processing sales at $25/average transaction and below.

Calculate your average transaction by dividing monthly volume by total transactions.

If your processing varies significantly from month to month, enter the value for the largest month.

Dharma offers AMEX OptBlue - low rates, fast funding, fees on the same statement. All accounts come with AMEX acceptance since there are no extra monthly costs, only processing fees.

Transactions larger than this amount may be subject to review and delayed funding.

Common answers are Donations, sales of XYZ Product, tickets to our fundraiser, etc. 


Tell us a little about yourself!

Numbers only, please!

We will send important alerts here!

Required if you take ANY online sales.

Please ask us any questions, or give us any pertinent information about your business or organization here.

We'd love to say "Thanks!" to the person or organization who referred you to Dharma.

We'd love to say "Thanks!" to the person or organization who referred you to Dharma.

Please let us know how you found us!

Detailed Business Information

This is the address you'll share with customers.

This is a number you'll share with customers.

Enter the name of your organization as recognized by the IRS. If you are a sole-proprietor, enter YOUR NAME.  

Statements will be available online. Communications will include chargeback notifications, and other important account-related information. Choose the address you'll regularly monitor. 

This is the number you use to file your federal taxes with the IRS. This may be your Social Security Number if you're classified as a Sole-Proprietor.

If you're not sure of the exact date, please give us your best estimate!
Enter how long the business/organization has been under current ownership. For Non-Profits and Sole-Proprietors, this will always be equivalent to time in existence.
The business has been under current ownership for
Signer Information

All personal information requested is required, but used for identity verification purposes only. You may have one or two officers of your organization sign. If there is regular turnover between positions in your organization, we may recommend having 2 signers, so that in the event one leaves, we can simply remove them from the account. We'll require that you enter your SSN (Social Security Number) when you digitally sign the DocuSign application. 

Each signer on this application must be the legal owner of the for-profit business (as documented by the IRS) with preferably at least 50% ownership. Non-profits will need to have an active board member or Executive Director sign on behalf of the organization. You may have one or two signers.

This is required for identity verification.

What % of the business does the signer own? 

Second Signer's Information

Note: This email MUST BE DIFFERENT than the first signer's email, since DocuSign requires each signer to have a unique email address.

This is required for identity verification.

What % of the business does the second signer own? .
Additional Questions

Let us know why you're signing up with Dharma! Is it because you want to partner with a socially conscious B-Corp? Do you love our mission to give back to the community? Is it because you just want low pricing and fair terms? We want to know!

This number is required if you intend on taking any EBT sales.

days until delivery
Please enter the average amount of days that pass between the cardholder authorizing the sale, and when they physically receive their good/service. In a retail establishment, the answer is typically "0" days.

Since you selected "Other," please describe your refund/return policy.

Common channels are Google AdWords, email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, or direct mail.

If applicable. You may leave this section blank if it does not apply.

If applicable. you may leave this field as-is if your business/organization performs fulfillment.

A common answer is "Customer places order on website, it's processed through our Authorize.net gateway."

Your Customers

Help us understand who your customers are, by entering a percentage for each category. The total must equal 100%. If you're selling to retail consumers, you'll likely enter "100" in the consumer category. If you're selling wholesale, you'll likely enter "100" in the Business category. Contracts with local governments count towards  government transactions. Please enter the amounts that best reflect your business/organization's needs.


Card Acceptance

Help us understand how you physically accept payments by entering a percentage for each category. The total must equal 100%. If you are processing in-person, you may type "100" for Card-Present (Swiped). If you're selling online, you may type "100" in the Internet category. "MoTo" stands for Mail/Telephone orders, so wholesale and phone-sales might be entered in this section. Please enter the amounts that best reflect your business or organization's needs.


Recurring Payments Breakdown


Bank Account Information

We need your bank account information so that we can pay you directly for the sales you process. Your money will be automatically deposited into this account within 2 business days of settlement. We'll also automatically remove our fees from this account in one lump sum, for the previous month's processing. (For example, all processing fees incurred in July would be automatically be removed from your account at the beginning of August.)

Always nine digits long.

Do not include the 3 or 4-digit check number!

Clover Options

 Clover Station(s) at $1,349 each

 Clover Mini device(s) at $549 each

 Clover Mobile bundle at $849 each

 Clover Mobile devices at $649 each
Clover Accessories
Please select the accessories you'd like to purchase for your Clover POS system!

Clover Mini device(s) at $549 each                                                                                                          

Clover Mobile device(s) at $649 each                                                                                                       

Clover Mobile Bundle(s) at $849 each                                                                                                       

FD-40 PinPad(s) at $249 each                                                                                                       

Bluetooth Printer(s) at $199 each                                                                                                       

Mobile Dock(s) at $129 each                                                                                                       

Kitchen Printer(s) at $399 each                                                                                                       

Weight Scale(s) at $399 each                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Barcode Scanner(s) at $159 each                                                                                                       

Cash Drawer(s) at $99 each                                                                                                       

Swivel Stand(s) at $99 each

Merchant Keypad(s) at $119 each
Clover Check Acceptance
With Clover POS, check acceptance is extremely easy! Use the Clover system's built-in camera to accept checks at your point of sale, with no additional hardware required. You can read more about Clover check acceptance (which utilizes Telecheck) by clicking here. Fees are simple:

NO monthly fee
1.50% of check volume

255 character max

Read about our new terminals by clicking here to learn more.
  • All terminals carry an internal PinPad that you can choose to use for PIN debit sales. Only the FD-130 allows for Chip+PIN
  • All terminals will arrive pre-programmed and ready to process.
  • All terminals will ship with 3 rolls of paper and all necessary cables.
  • For $200 you may purchase an external, customer facing PinPad for the Vx520.
  • The PAX s90 Wireless terminal carries an additional $20 monthly fee.
  • Shipping fees are $20/terminal for ground shipping.
  • California businesses will be subject to an 8.75% sales tax.
  • All terminal costs will be billed to the checking account on file upon account approval.

    FD130Verifone Vx520



Terminal Options

Wireless (S90) terminal models will not have a direct internet connection, only dial-up or wireless is available.

Most merchants prefer to have their terminal "Auto-settle," thereby eliminating the need to manually tell the machine to finalize all of the day's transactions. But, if you prefer to manually settle your machine, that's OK too! Just don't forget to do so every day.

Your batch settlement time determines when your terminal will "settle," sending all of that day's transactions to Dharma for deposit into your bank account. Dharma's cutoff time every day is 7:00 PM EST - that's the last point of the day when you can send sales to us to be processed that day. Otherwise they'll be counted as the next day’s sales. To ensure the quickest possible funding, we recommend settling before 7:00 PM. We recognize that some businesses may be open later than the cutoff time, so you are welcome to choose a later settlement time if your business prefers settling after the last sale of the day.

Thanks for choosing Authorize.net. As a reminder, ALL new Authorize.net accounts will include access to an online Virtual Terminal, Automated Recurring Billing, and Customer Information Manager. Swiping devices can be purchased directly from Authorize.net for roughly $60 shipped.

Please note - there is a $49 setup fee for Authorize.net, which will be charged to your bank account on file once your account is approved.

Ongoing monthly fees for Authorize.net will be paid directly to Authorize.net. Fees are $20/month, and there is a $0.05/transaction fee as well. Authorize.net's billing cycle starts whenever you activate the account (meaning you can hold off until you're ready). Authorize.net bills a month in advance, so whenever you activate your account, you'll be billed for a pro-rated amount for the current month, plus all of the following month.



Please tell us anything important about your new setup. What shopping cart will you use? Do you have any specific needs for your gateway? Let us know how we can best assist!
NMI Gateway

Thanks for choosing NMI. As a reminder, ALL new NMI accounts will include access to an online Virtual Terminal, Automated Recurring Billing, Customer Information Manager, and Email Invoicing.

Please note - there is a $49 setup fee for the NMI Gateway, which will be charged to your bank account on file once your account is approved.

Ongoing monthly fees for NMI will be paid directly to NMI. Fees are $20/month, and there is a $0.05/transaction fee as well. 



Please tell us anything important about your new setup. What shopping cart will you use? Do you have any specific needs for your gateway? Let us know how we can best assist!
Existing Gateway Options

Most often, we can integrate your existing Point-of-Sale or Gateway with your new Dharma account. Due to certain technical limitations, we can't guarantee that your existing setup will work - but typically, if your system is listed here, we can integrate! Please input any pertinent notes that may be beneficial for us to know.

Clover Go
Clover go carries an additional $10/month fee, per account. You can choose between the basic Clover Go device ($99) OR you can opt for the Contactless version, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth instead of the headphone jack. If you opt for the contactless device, you can also purchase a charging cradle for $29 if you'd like. Please note! Clover Go devices do not carry a warranty. They'll be replaced if they arrive defective, but future issues will not be covered by Clover.


Flok - Digital Loyalty

Engagement with your customers is key. With Flok, you can stay in constant contact with your customers and offer digital loyalty/rewards. No more punch cards - with Flok, customers use their mobile phone to accrue rewards and connect with your business. Included with Flok's services is a bluetooth "beacon" that you place at the entry of your location, which automatically tracks users and sends custom communications. Automatically notify your customers of deals/rewards, and create easy marketing email campaigns. Dharma clients will receive 50% off of Flok's posted pricing if you allow Dharma to sign you up! Click here to learn all about Flok in detail. 

  • Flok's package allows for up to 5000 customers and 10,000 monthly emails. Normally $1,198/year, Dharma customers get a 50% discount and only pay $598/year. 

Detailed analytics, digital loyalty, and more

SinglePlatform - Online Visibility

As a local business owner, you know how important it is for your business information and services to be up-to-date on your website. But what about the sites and apps you don't have control over? Potential customers are browsing sites like Yelp, Google, and YellowPages to find local businesses and may never visit your website directly. How can you ensure your information and services are correct across the web? SinglePlatform.
  • Take control of your online information where people are searching
  • Publish your services on Google, Facebook, Yelp, YellowPages, your website, and many more!
  • Search engine-friendly formatting for desktop and mobile devices allows new customers to find your menu and service items in search
  • Comprehensive analytic suite shows you where and how new customers find you
  • Schedule-ahead social media tool saves you time and informs customers of specials and events
  • SinglePlatform carries a $99/month fee, and has no contracts or minimum term. 

Mobile Website

4aGoodCause Custom Donation Pages and Fundraising Tools

Dharma has partnered with 4aGoodCause to create customized donation pages for our non-profit clients. Now, it's easier than ever to accept donations or event registrations in whatever way your donors wish to give. 4aGoodCause will create a beautiful, customized webpage for your organization so that you can accept donations easily. The donation page will be responsive, meaning it works on computers, tablets, and smartphones - you'll be able to accept donations and registrations from all devices! Plus, you'll get unlimited event registration pages for all of your ongoing events. 4aGoodCause specializes in hand-holding your organization for this service, so you can relax knowing that you're in good hands. See a few samples below, and click here to learn more. 

Statement Comparison

If you don't have a recent statement for us to review, we can still estimate your costs! Click here to check out our free cost estimation tool instead. Or, change your above selection to "Yes" and you'll be prompted to upload a statement for our review.

If you only have questions and don't want a rate review, you can click "submit" and we'll reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs. 

If you'd like a rate review, we'll need to view your statements. Please upload a .PDF or .JPG file. Click the "Upload another" link below to upload more than one document for our review.
Please Review your Clover Setup Fees for accuracy. 

Clover Mini Costs

x    $549 = 

Clover Station Costs
Clover Station includes (1) 11.6" Touchscreen Device, (1) High-Speed Printer, and (1) Cash Drawer

x    $1349 = 

Clover Mobile Costs

x    $649 = 

Clover Mobile Bundle Costs
Mobile Bundle includes (1) Clover Mobile Device, (1) Mobile Bluetooth Printer, and (1) Mobile Dock

x    $849 = 

Clover Accessory Costs

Clover Mini Quantity:       
 x    $549 = 


Clover Mobile Quantity:       
  x    $649 = 


FD-40 PinPad Quantity:        
 x    $249 = 


Mobile Bluetooth Printer Quantity:    
 x    $199 = 


Mobile Bundle Quantity:            
 x    $799 = 


Mobile Dock Quantity:   
 x    $129 = 


Kitchen Printer Quantity:       
 x    $399 = 


Weight Scale Quantity:        
 x    $399 = 


Barcode Scanner Quantity:  
 x    $159 = 


Cash Drawer Quantity:   
 x      $99 = 


Swivel Stand Quantity:    
 x      $99 = 


Merchant Keypad Quantity:    
 x      $119 = 

Business Documentation

The following documents must be submitted for final application approval. Please securely submit all documentation below. If you're unable to electronically submit your documentation, you may fax them to (415) 632-1921.

You can upload a 501c3 document, business license, articles of incorporation, or any other legal document proving your entity's existence.

We'll need proof of your bank account. That proof can either be a pre-printed, voided check, OR a signed bank letter on bank letterhead detailing the account name, ABA routing number, and account number.

Please upload your past three months' processing statements from your current provider. 

Please upload any other documentation that may be relevant to a new merchant account. This could include marketing materials, purchasing contracts, customer agreements, business financial documents, pricing lists, or any other documentation that may not be available on your website, yet is important for us to know!

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