Reduced Pricing for Restaurants, Bars & Quick-Service

0.20% + $0.07/transaction

above Interchange

Keeping Your Costs Low

Dharma represents many restaurants, bars and quick-serve merchants who need low rate credit card processing. We understand that with a low average-ticket, credit card fees can rise quickly. That’s why we offer reduced margins of 0.20% and $0.07 per transaction above Interchange for this industry. Plus, no long-term contracts! Since we only operate on the Interchange-plus pricing model, you always get the lowest rates, and our margins are clearly spelled out. Plus, low, fair terminal pricing with no long-term leasing.

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How much will I pay on a $25 sale? (Click samples below for details)

Regulated Debit Cards

Interchange 0.05% + $0.22
Assessment Fees 0.13% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.41, or 1.62%

Visa Small Ticket Credit

Interchange 1.65% + $0.04
Assessment Fees 0.13% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.63, or 2.50%

MasterCard Convenience Purchase

Interchange 1.90% + $0.00
Assessment Fees 0.12% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.65, or 2.58%

MasterCard World Restaurant

Interchange 1.73% + $0.10
Assessment Fees 0.12% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.70, or 2.81%

MasterCard World Elite Restaurant

Interchange 2.20% + $0.10
Assessment Fees 0.12% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.82, or 3.28%

Visa Rewards 2

Interchange 1.95% + $0.10
Assessment Fees 0.13% + $0.02
Dharma Margins 0.20% + $0.07
Total Fees (per $25 sale) $0.76, or 3.04%

American Express Rates

American Express works differently! Click here for rates

Estimate your Costs with Dharma

New to credit card acceptance? Or, are you currently with a provider that doesn’t disclose rates, making an “apples to apples” comparison difficult? No problem – use our handy cost-estimation tool below. We’ll make a few assumptions and share the overall fees that typical merchants pay.

Estimate your Costs

Restaurant Solutions

We get it – restaurants have unique needs. That’s why we offer terminals and POS systems designed with quick-service in mind. Dharma is proud to offer two distinct restaurant solutions, directly from First Data:

  • The FD-130 terminal is a great solution for merchants who don’t need the upper level features of a Point-of-Sale system, but who still require restaurant features such as EMV-tip adjustment, Chip+PIN, and an easy-to-operate device. The FD-130 terminal uses a WiFi connection so that you can take payments in a centralized location of your restaurant, all for $349. Learn more about terminals here.
  • Clover Flex is a truly wireless system, built for pay-at-the table acceptance. Get all day battery-life, WiFi connection, EMV-tip adjustment, and an integrated printer. Manage inventory/menu items, employees, and much more with the powerful cloud-based Clover POS. Starts at $549.

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What's Included in a new Dharma account?

Dharma provides you both fair terms and the tools you need to accept payments with ease. All accounts come with access to MX Merchant, including:

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Interchange-plus pricing. No surprises, 100% transparency.

This is the fairest pricing model in the industry. Our margins are flat and fixed, so you always get a fair deal. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees.

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Pricing: We believe in full disclosure.

Fee Dharma’s cost
Monthly Fee $10/month
Interchange+ Margins 0.20% + $0.07/authorization
Interchange Fees Passed-through at cost
Card Assessment Fees Passed-through at cost
AVS Fee (for keyed sales) $0.05/transaction
Batch Fee $0.07/batch
Wireless Service Fee $20/month
Retrieval Fee $5/instance
Chargeback $20/instance
Voice Authorization $1.50/authorization
PCI Compliance $7.95/month
Closure Fee $25
PIN Debit Fees (if applicable) Passed-through at cost ($48/year)
ACH Reject Fee $30/instance

What does Dharma NOT charge?

Fee Dharma
Annual fees? None
Monthly minimum fees? None
Leasing/rental fees? None
Long term contracts? None
Early termination fees? None

Let Us Help Your Bottom Line: Real Savings for Restaurants, Bars & Quick Serve

Saved per month


This restaurant processes around $83,000/month, and Dharma was able to save them $286 off their fees, or about 12.28% monthly. The savings include all of the costs that the merchant incurred to upgrade their hardware, meaning Dharma was able to save them a net of $3,432 every year. Even though this restaurant was partnered with their local bank, Dharma was still able to offer significant savings. Many banks use merchant services as their “money making” arm, so it’s always wise to shop around and compare rates with a full-service provider like Dharma.

Saved per month


This Cafe merchant processes over $11,000/month, and Dharma was able to save them $129/month in savings, totaling $1,548 per year, which amounts to a savings of 28.45%. Just think – saving $129/month is more than one full percentage point of this merchant’s entire monthly processing! Wow – consider how much an extra 1% can do for your bottom-line. With margins as slim as they are in the restaurant industry, every little bit helps.

Saved per month

Quick Service

This deli processes approximately $46k per month in volume and Dharma has been saving them $80/month or $1,000 per year, which amounts to a 6.75% savings off of their previous provider’s bill. Most quick-service restaurants and delis assume that if they’ve compared providers in the past, then they’re “all set” for years to come. Unfortunately, many providers regularly increase rates – and as a quick-service establishment, even a tiny rate-increase can cost your business a lot! Even if Dharma can only save you $50 – $100/month, that can add up to over $1,000/year.