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Complete the below form – it should only take a minute or two – and we’ll assign an Account Representative to reach out and discuss your needs.

Hold on a moment! It looks like you may not be a perfect fit for Dharma. Part of Dharma's mission is making sure that we educate merchants, and only open accounts for merchants whom we can assist best. We don't want to open accounts that don't benefit our merchants! Unfortunately, Dharma can only work with the following high-risk merchant types:
  • Merchants processing over $35,000/month - our high-risk program is only for merchants processing at least $35,000/month due to the complexities and costs involved on our side.
  • US-based businesses
  • Merchants who are specifically listed on this page. Please review this page carefully to determine if we can support you.

Please note, this form is NOT completable. Please do not attempt to Submit.

Please select "Retail" if you sell goods/services directly to consumers. This is the most common business category. 

Calculate your average transaction by dividing monthly volume by total transactions.

If your processing varies significantly from month to month, enter the value for the largest month.

Dharma offers AMEX OptBlue - low rates, fast funding, fees on the same statement.


Common answers are Donations, sales of XYZ Product, tickets to our fundraiser, etc. Please don't just say "products" or "services" - we'll need to know what you're taking payments for! 


Please ask us any questions, or give us any pertinent information about your business or organization here.

By sending us a recent statement or two, we'll run a side-by-side analysis to determine Dharma's monthly savings.

If your volume varies significantly from month-to-month, please upload statements showing both a "large" and "small" month, so that we can accurately compare!

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We'd love to say "Thanks!" to the person or organization who referred you to Dharma.

We'd love to say "Thanks!" to the person or organization who referred you to Dharma.

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