Cyber Security

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Cyber Security.

As a client stakeholder of Dharma Merchant Services, you are one of over 3,000 businesses (generating over $1 billion of annual sales) across the country that trust us for providing payment processing services that are so critical to operating a successful business.

There are increasing complexities to the process of accepting cards in light of constant data breaches, regulations, EMV chip cards, fraud risks, funding policies, etc. We want you to know that “we have your back” when it comes to informing you about compliance needs and fraud detection … and moreover, we have extraordinary support staff in our office from 7am to 5pm PST to answer your questions or concerns, in addition to the 24 x 7 telephone support from our back-end partners.

Often we come across industry partners that offer highly relevant information – like this article on Cybersecurity from a top PCI compliance company, Trustwave. We hope that you find this info helpful, and as always, we welcome your feedback!